Digital Marketing

Demand Side Platform

A demand-side platform (DSP) is a tool to buy website ad inventory from multiple ad exchanges programmatically.

*Programmatic Buying is a method of buying ad inventory automatically based on set rules or settings. For example Geography targeting, budget & bid setting, etc

Buying & Selling of Ad Space

Advertisers can purchase ad space from publishers, ad networks and ad exchanges (through DSP). Similarly publishers can sell their ad inventories directly to advertiser or through ad networks and ad exchanges (SSP)

Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Supply Side Platform

A supply-side platform or sell-side platform (SSP) is a technology platform to sell website ad inventories on ad exchange programmatically.

*Programmatic Selling is a method of selling ad inventories automatically based on set rules or settings.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

How does Digital Marketing industry works?

Basically digital marketing industry runs on two main parties which are Advertisers (1st party) & Publishers (2nd party). Any other parties which involves to assist advertisers or publishers are called as Agency or 3rd party.

  • Advertisers: Are the one who want to promote their product, business or services
  • Publishers: Are the one who have some publications with advertising space to place ads
  • Agency: Are the one who assist advertisers and publishers in achieving their business goals

Ad Exchange

It is a technology platform which helps advertisers and publishers for buying and selling of ad space from multiple ad networks. Prices for ad spaces is determined through bidding.
        Advertisers use Demand Side Platforms for buying ad inventories and Publishers use Supply Side Platforms for selling ad inventories on Ad Exchange.
For Example: Google's Demand Side Platform is "DoubleClick Bid Manager" and Supply Side Platform is "DoubleClick Ad Exchange"

Digital Marketing

Promoting products or services through electronic media such as Television, Radio, Mobile phones, Email and Internet.

Ad Network

Ad Network is a company which has collection of websites with ad space to sell for advertising. For example Google Network, Yahoo Network, Microsoft Media Network, etc.
        Google Network sell ad space through AdWords. 
        Publishers can be part of ad network by joining ad network’s advertising placement programs such as Google Adsense, Yahoo for Publishers, DoubleClick for Publishers, etc