Digital Marketing

Third party data

Data provided by data providers is called as 3rd party data. Data providers are the companies which segregates users data and sells the data as package.

        Data providers identify & categorize the audiences based on their behavior and interests. For example "Shopping (users interested in shopping)", "Sports (users interested in sports), etc.

        Data providers are also called as data aggregators

List of few 3rd party data providers

  • ​​eXelate
  • BlueKai
  • ​Krux
  • ​Aggregate Knowledge

Audience Data

How first party data is collected?

First party data

First party audience data is collected by advertiser when user visits and performs some activity on advertiser's website. 1st party data is used by advertisers in their ad campaigns to re-target the audiences who showed interest in their products, services or business

Second party data

Collection of 2nd party data is same is 1st party data. If data is collected by publisher or ad agency then it is called as 2nd party data.

        2nd party data also contains users information such as demographic, contextual, behavioral, etc. The only difference is 1st party data is advertiser's own data where as 2nd party data can be sold by publisher or ad agency to any marketers

How second party data is collected?

Audience Data

Audience data contains customer's information such as demographic, contextual, behavioral, etc.

There are three types of audience data:

  • ​1st party data
  • ​2nd party data
  • 3rd party data