3rd Party Ad Serving (3PAS)

In 3rd party ad serving, publisher delivers an ad tag to the user’s browser instead of directly serving the ad to user’s browser. Ad tag redirects the browser to an ad server where the ad is stored.

Publisher places ad tag on browser

Why use Ad server?

  • Centralized Campaign Reporting: Ad server provides centralized campaign reporting of data such as impressions, clicks, conversions, etc
  • Creative Control: You can have more control over creatives & ad formats just give the ad tags to publishers or ad network and keep making changes to ads on ad server whenever required.
  • Real-Time De-Duplication: Ad server deduplicates the user in advertising reporting and provides the accurate frequency count on the number of times ad shown to unique user across all media. This helps in effective measurement of ad performance.

List of few ad servers

  • Doubleclick Campaign Manager (by Google) previously known as DFA (Doubleclick for Advertisers)
  • Atlas Solutions (by Facebook)
  • AdTech (by AOL)
  • Sizmek

Third Party Ad Serving (3PAS)

Ad Server servers the Ad

Digital Marketing

Browser redirects to Ad Server